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it sound way to cool

the only thing i would change are some brute changes at the begining where the drums seems to be harshly muted all of a sudden

hope it helps :)

ANTI-SPAMGUN responds:

I'll look into lol, I'm just kinda mismatching several different drum loops together, none from the same pack,so it'll all be different.

Thanks dood

move it move it !

thats awesome, you have to finish it

i think you have way to many instruments sounding at the end, that makes it difficult to finish, try to smoothly mute some channels so you get back to the relaxing part of the begining

i dont have much experience tho, just trying to help : )

T-raygon responds:

well i appreciate your help. and ive heard the to many instruments thing before so ill be sure to change that. thx 4 the review and the 10

nice drums

made me think of FF8

the mix overall sound great, i think you should give that creation more than just 10 min

Kassich responds:

hah yeah man i usually create an idea in 10 min and if i really like it, i complete the thought(which takes a lot more time), but this is one of the first times i put an idea on NG, i just wanted to see what other people thought of it to see if id continue writing it


sound awesome

the snare give me this adrenaline feeling

geat job !

XDragonslayerX responds:

Thanks bro. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll be sure to finish it soon. =)


it sounded like a dream to me

it sounds nice , i dont have much experience but id really like to hear to the complete thing

WeHaveFreshCookies responds:

Thanks. I'm more into metal, but I like to try other genres too.

Check my page for info on my metal music. Working on an album.

As for a full version, well... I don't know. Maybe.


nice rythm
the mix is overall very pleasant to hear : ) congrats

im sorry, my english sucks a lil

Damnati responds:

no worries:P thnaks alot tho!


that kick was awesome, nice rythm
i dont use to listen to this music but i can tell, this was great !

Kannon1 responds:

Thanks Hommie!!!!

liked it

i cant say much about the lyrics, my english is not that good, but i can tell your friends voice is so sweet

nice song

kevs91 responds:

Thanks for the review.


the rythm is great, leaves you asking for more
keep em coming


the rythm is pretty catchy, i liked it
the kick made my head ache, try to normalize that

i like the things i prefer

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